Missions and Outreach

From a dynamic Sunday School programs for all ages to outreach around the community, Highland is a place where people can learn more and get involved. We have a lot of great ministries at Highland for you to be a part of!

Highland Christian School

Highland Christian School seeks to provide a beginning learning experience in a Christian environment where every child is loved, respected, and valued for his/her uniqueness. We seek to provide a balanced curriculum that focuses on the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs of the young child. For more information, please contact Andrea Nelson at highlandchristian(at)highlandcovenant.com or visit www.highlandchristianschool.com.

Jubilee Reach

We partner with Jubilee REACH (www.jubileereach.org) to serve children and families in our neighborhood through activities and programs like Club Jubilee, an after-school program at Highland Middle School.

Renewal Food Bank

Highland Covenant has partnered with Renewal Food Bank. Established in 1998, Renewal Food Bank is located in Bellevue, Washington and is part of the Northwest Harvest, Food Lifeline Hunger Relief Network. Since its inception, Renewal Food Bank has fed almost 300,000 individuals and continues to feed in excess of 250 families a week. For more information, visit www.renewalfoodbank.com.

Social Relief Fund

This fund helps those who need assistance like paying bills, buying groceries, putting gas in the car.

Missionary Support

We support several missionaries and international development work through regular giving to our denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church. You can find more information at www.covchurch.org/mission.

Covenant World Relief

We take an annual offering for Covenant World Relief, the international humanitarian aid and development arm of the ECC (in times of extreme need it also does USA domestic disaster response). CWR assists the poorest of the poor by offering “Relief, Rehabilitation, and Transformational Development.” More information is available at www.covchurch.org/relief/.

Mission and Vision Trips and Projects

Occasional trips or local projects help us to grow in our faith by learning from and serving others in our community. Our 2012 CWR offering went to our partner church in India, the Hindustani Covenant Church, to assist them in their ministries of community development, compassionate care, and church planting. To learn more, visit www.covchurch.org/relief/ and www.hccindia.org .

Southeast Asia Trip Blog

To find out what is happening as Pastor Jeff, Pastor Holly and others are travelling in southeast Asia, follow the link to Pastor Jeff's blog here.

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